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Popular Maintenance Options

Heating and Cooling
Your vehicle’s ability to properly heat and cool your car is central to your comfort and the comfort of your passengers. Courtesy will make sure your heating and cooling system is performing at an optimal level.
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Brake Services
Are your brakes squealing, grinding, and or causing jerky stops? It might be time for a brake inspection.

Alignment & Wheel Balancing
Alignment and wheel balancing can improve driver safety, stop that “pulling”, increase fuel efficiency and maximize the life of your tires.

Belt and Radiator Hose Services
Without proper maintenance of the belts and hoses on your vehicle, your engine could overheat and the risk of a breakdown becomes very real. Belts and hoses degrade over time and can crack, split, swell or burst. It is important to check them at the regular intervals.

Engine Performance
Keep a well-tuned engine for peak performance. Maintain a long engine life by entrusting the care of your GM vehicle to our certified service experts.

Shocks & Struts
Changing out your worn shocks and struts results in improved ride control, greater stability and a shorter braking distance. Our GM experts will help revitalize your vehicle’s suspension system.